Канадская стримерша покончила с собой из-за депрессии

Известная канадская стримерша Лэнни Olhana, имевшая около 300 000 подписчиков в социальных сетях покончила с собой, — об этом сообщили ее друзья в социальной сети Twitter.

Незадолго до смерти 26-летняя девушка выложила несколько постов о клинической депрессии, и посетовала на то, что люди, страдающие от депрессии ни к кому не могут обратиться, поскольку их близкие сразу же вызывают полицию.

Друзья Olhana собирают деньги для оказания финансовой помощи ее близким.

Это уже второе самоубийство в мире киберспорта с начала июля месяца. Ранее покончил с собой Reckful, стример, ведший трансляции World of Warcraft.

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**Link in Bio** Friends and family of Lana, this fundraiser is set up to help Lana’s family with the funeral costs after the loss of our friend. As funeral expenses are so high, our community would love to help out the family in any way we can. All of us offer our condolences to the family during such a difficult time. This fundraiser is set up by the family themselves. The money will go towards her memorial service, held in Victoria BC, to her vault, casket, and her burial. Any additional funds will go towards the education of her nephews for whom she deeply cared and loved: Hiep, Huy, and Landon. Lana, you were a great friend and a wonderful person. Those of us who knew you personally and had the joy to share so many good memories will miss you dearly. You were beautiful, funny, caring, smart, honest, and a most wonderful friend. You loved traveling and eating good food. Many people remember the great times you shared with your community on your trips to Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Korea, and many more places. We remember chatting you with at the early hours of the morning, talking about our own problems, our events, our sadness, and our joyful memories. You kept us entertained and you made everybody feel like they had a friend even if for many it was only online. You built a community from the ground up and brought people together. For many, some of these friendships you created have changed their lives and they will be forever grateful to you. You kept us company during our own tough times and you made our lives better. You shared your great advice with us whether it be relationship advice, financial advice, or simple life advice. We will always remember your hobbies and interest in cryptocurrencies and the success that you predicted. You fought through many difficulties in life with a very strong attitude and we were always there as your friends whenever you had to confide any problems to us. We will miss the tears, the laughs, the smiles, and all the wonderful memories that we shared. Times were tough and we hope your pain is finally over. You will always be in our mind and we love you from the bottom of our hearts. Rest in peace.

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